Copyright Reform? Just Don’t Tell Mickey.

This weekend displayed a painful example about how the notion of copyright reform is the policy equivalent of seeing a unicorn–not gonna happen.

Our story starts with something called The Republican Study Committee which a Congressional policy group, run by Republicans in the House of Representatives. The report found the current U.S. Copyright System anticompetitive, anti-creative and favoring Big Entertainment. It concluded:  “Current copyright law does not merely distort some markets — rather it destroys entire markets. “

The report is tough, pulls no punches, and makes a lot of sense. You can read it here. I will post it as a separate post later if it gets pulled there.

Well, dear reader, what happened next do you suppose? Less than 24 hours later, the report was pulled, on the grounds that “it had not been fully vetted” The apparent author of the report Derek S. Khanna, took to Twitter on Saturday night

I am the author of this memo, and I hope the tech community continues to add to these ideas: …

Read the report. It won’t surprise you that Big E got its undies all twisted up. What’s amazing is that it ever saw the light of day in the first place. More developing.

In  the breaking of dawn on Monday, there was more wheezing and pontificating. The GOP hierarchy said the poiece was pulled becuase it lacked “balance”

We at the RSC take pride in providing informative analysis of major policy issues and pending legislation that accounts for the range of perspectives held by RSC Members and within the conservative community. Yesterday you received a Policy Brief on copyright law that was published without adequate review within the RSC and failed to meet that standard. Copyright reform would have far-reaching impacts, so it is incredibly important that it be approached with all facts and viewpoints in hand. As the RSC’s Executive Director, I apologize and take full responsibility for this oversight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and a meaningful Thanksgiving holiday….

Right, don’t forget Football Thursday. On reflection, it’s hard to imagine that the piece represents the thinking of any GOP interest. Declan McCullogh, who is seldom off-target, even says the RIAA had nothing to do with the report being pulled.

More can be found here and here. Even David Brook of the New York Ties got into the action, mentioning Dkanna among a list of young conservative thinkers.


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