The dust has settled from the Presidential Election of 2012, and what did we learn? Not much. Obama had sliced and diced the electorate to a fare-thee-well to the extent, if you believe such things, that there were 59 precincts in Northern Ohio and Pennsylvania where Romney had zero votes. Everyone can poke at anomalies.

But the “big” story on election night was the “meltdown” of Karl Rove when the Fox News Network declared President Obama the winner in Ohio. Here it is. His face starts losing definition about 4:00 minutes into the clip.

But the real twisteroo (tongue firmly in place) was when the Fox News Anchor “spontaneously” went to interview the people making the call.  It has been billed as a real moment on the night.

Guess what, it wasn’t. It was rehearsed, staged, primped up and phony. Check out the clip at about 5:59 when the Fox News Anchor (sorry I don’t know who any of these people are) is walking down the hall and says “when we practiced this before…when we practiced this before in our rehearsals, we lost all audio in our ears, right about here. It’s happening again”. Then, the shocking first person challenge of the decision desk occurred. So, let’s just chalk this up as stagecraft, not tied to reality. And lets not get carried away.

So, no this is not a blog posting about Intellectual Property, per se. (#THINKINGIP), but it’s worth talking about, before we get totally snookered going forward.


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