Tebow or not Tebow?

A colleague did some research and writes “You may have seen news reports about Tim Tebow “trademarking” his famous genuflect.  I spent some time digging in, and what I believe the hysteria is about is a published application for the word mark TEBOWING for T-shirts and hats: http://tsdr.uspto.gov/#caseNumber=85458244&caseType=SERIAL_NO&searchType=statusSearch  It’s published on the day that articles are reporting that it was “approved,” the date that Tebow “now owns” it, etc.” Thanks to Pam Chestak for that insight.

Mr. Tebow did not file the actual application, rather it was filed, by a Jerod Kleinstein d/b/a “Tebowing.” Tebow’s attorney filed a Letter of Protest, the application was refused under 2(a) and 2(d) and ultimately assigned to Tebow’s company, XV Enterprises.
So, that’s the story. Like Tebow, it’s less interesting than it first appeared. As usual, the general press didn’t understand what was going on at all. In fact, it does not sound like the sainted QB understands either. The application covers the word TEBOWING not the kneeling position, or any depiction of it. I think that others have knelt before him.
(10/25 update) Here’s an even more preposterous example of misreporting, in which an “expert” is quoted. Thanks to John Welch of TTABlog for scarping this one off the sole of the inernet

Tebow or not Tebow


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