Post-Registration Trademark Scams

I have written about this before, but the practice of offering official-looking trademark “registration” services in privately published directories is growing. The solicitations are sent directly to the trademark owner, rather than counsel. There’s no telling how successful they are, but they must work, because they are proliferating. I am reminded of the story of the fellow who had a road-side stand, selling a pound of tomatoes for a million dollars. When asked why he was charging such an outrageous price, the fellow  replied: “well, I only have to sell one!”

This was brought home yesterday whhen a cliient forwwarded one that took my breath away: an official looking “invoice” (in fine print it states that it is only an offer) from some official looking private outfit in Bratislava (!). Cost? a mere $2,738.00 US. The outfit calls itself “Register of International Patents and Trademarks”.

At any rate, the Patent and Trademark Office now sends a notice with each new registration, warning registrants of these scams. It is reproduced below, in case you want to educate yourself.



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