The Power of A Trademark

A interesting story  on the Marketplace radio program from American Public Media discussed market differentiation between Intel computer chips (which are in most PC’s) and ARM chips, which dominate the mobile device market.

Each has their own dominance in their market, but which one have most people heard of? Intel, of course. The piece makes a strong point that Intel’s branding

( sound trademark, INTEL Inside), give it a much higher visibility among consumers.

Who knows what goes on inside those chips? Most of us don’t, and can’t. But, ARM has technical advantages in the mobile arena, because they use less power. Nonetheless, Marketplace suggested that the way to take on Intel is to take a page ffrom Intel’s trademark playbook:

Vince Mitchell is an expert in marketing at the Cass Business School. He says for ARM to fully compete, it may need to adopt Intel’s style of branding that says this microchip is more than just a component.

Vince Mitchell: This component has a personality, and that personality is helping to benefit you and what you do in your life.

So it looks like ARM may have to finally come up with its own jingle after all.


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